visaya kpo about us

Who We Are

In this age of fierce competition in the business world, companies strive for quality at a lower cost to achieve higher top‐line growth while simultaneously maximizing their bottom‐line.

Visaya KPO was formed to cater to the needs of companies to remain competitive in their respective marketplace.

Here at Visaya KPO, we value our long‐term partnerships with our clients by our commitment to quality and reliability. We provide the knowledge and expertise that is flexible to fulfill each customer’s unique needs.

We place a high value in our human capital by providing them with the highest level of training, a compensation and benefits package that rank at the top in the industry, and offer programs that allow our employees to grow in both their personal and professional lives. A happy employee only benefits you, our customer.

We have hand‐picked our management team to bring the vast knowledge and experience to the organization so as to ensure that our service levels are maintained at a high level of quality at all times. At Visaya KPO, we realize that our strategic asset is our people. This is where our investment is and will continue to be. This allows us to manage your customer relationships as our own. We will be the extension of your business process and will manage them to exceed your expectations.

Our Value Proposition

  • Long term partnership with strategic growth

  • Management expertise

  • Adaptability in size

  • Extension of your business process

  • Protection of intellectual properties

  • Redundant and reliable connectivity

  • Investment in technology

  • Less headache and costs for your operations

  • Always ready to serve your customers anytime

  • Customer service orientation to improve your customer’s experience


We will be the global Filipino brand servicing multi-industry clients worldwide through innovative solutions.


We aim to be a customer-centric enabler to create value for our stakeholders to thrive.

Core Values

Deliver Service Excellence in what we do

Realize Synergies

Embody Professionalism

A Unique culture that is shared

Make Social Impact happen



Metro Manila

Ground Floor, 105 H.V. Dela Costa St. Salcedo Village, Makati City PH

Negros Oriental

Nono Limbaga Drive Tanjay City, Negros Oriental Philippines

United States of America

6789 Quail Hill Parkway, Suite 503 Irvine, CA 92603