The need for competitive business advantage in the midst of global market struggle stimulates every organization to aim for high levels of quality service while intensifying growth and revenue through cost-effective solutions. Achieving these objectives requires unique strategies, advanced technologies combined with excellent customer relationship.

Businesses across the globe realize that customer service plays a key role for their differentiation in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. At Visaya KPO, we realize that within each customer contact lies the opportunity to make a connection. Through our contact center service programs, we offer a complete array of inbound delivery solutions to help you boost customer acquisition and retention, grow your brand favorability, and create customers for life.

Visaya KPO’s back-office solutions can be integrated with your customer care program to provide an outstanding customer experience, one that is completely seamless for your customers—and highly cost-effective for your business. By helping you to significantly lower overhead costs and streamline your operations, we help position your organization for long-term growth and profitability.

Our contact center delivery programs are designed to enrich the customer’s experience across multiple touch points, helping you build long-term loyalty and a reputation for service excellence.

By joining our family, and as you invest in our organization, you will be able to build a more sustainable strategy for the future.







Salary Packaging

Finance and Accounting


Your client is most important to keep happy at all times. To keep your client happy at all times, they must go through an excellent client journey through all facets of their interaction with your organization. That experience must be the focus of a client centric organization. We, at Visaya, has had an extensive experience dealing with the client journey to help your organization grow. We could help you with your inbound and outbound call processes, email, chat and SMS processes, and we can manage your social media processes.

  • Knowing the Ideal Customer Experience
  • Creating a Customer Experience Strategy
  • Going Omnichannel
  • Developing a Customer Experience Management Program
  • Improving Call Center Efficiency
  • A Customer-Centric Company Culture
  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Whether you are a manufacturer or a service provider, Visaya can help you with your technical support needs. We have had an extensive experience and the right skill sets to handle your technical support program. Today, we handle all the world-wide English speaking technical support needs of the largest drone company in the world. We have handled the technical support lines for one of the largest US telecommunications company. We handle the technical support operations for a US electronics and gadget distributor. These are but some examples of the work that Visaya has done.

  • Help desk functions
    • Aid in installtion of software/hardware
    • Assist customers in the correct usage of the product
  • Real-time resolution of technical concerns
  • Gadget Care

The general accounting principles in the Philippines is based on US standards. Accounting is a labor intensive process and most companies do not consider accounting as a core competence. We provide accounting services from bookkeeping to financial analysis in various industries. We can handle your procurement process, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales order entry, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, cash statements and general ledger functions. Our experienced finance and accounting personnel range from experienced bookkeepers to highly skilled Certified Public Accountants.

  • Sort, Store and Summarize Transactions
    • Improving your Company's financial health
    • Financial Risk Management and Mitigation
    • General Ledger and Balance Sheet preparation
  • Procurement to Payment
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Procurement Process
    • Accounts Payable Process
  • Order to Cash
    • Sales Order Taking nd Entry
    • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Collections

As your organization grows and the workload of your staff increases to the breaking point, Visaya can help you with your back-office needs. We can allow you to scale with more efficiency and less inaccuracies in your process. There are a myriad of back-office work that we can take off your hands and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Research and Analytics

In today’s world, information is power. Getting to that information is most of the time, hard to get at. An organization’s data could be stored in multiple silos that are not joined together to provide the proper information for managers to make decisions on. Decisions need to be made quickly with the right information preferably through a self-service manner that does not require interventions from programmers or data analysts.

  • What is a Knowledge Base?
    • Traditionally, a knowledge base is a repository of an organization’s data. With the advent of the internet, a knowledge base could extend beyond an organization’s internal data to formulate a decision.
  • Why is Knowledge Base important for your organization?
    • A knowledge base plays a vital role for managers to make decisions from. When data is scattered throughout the organization and beyond, it would require a lot of research and data gathering to come up with the right information.
  • How does Visaya provide value to your organization?
    • At Visaya, we can provide you with the experienced and skilled consultants and data analysts to help you with the creation and management of your knowledge base.

At Visaya, we can provide various solutions for your artificial intelligence initiatives and deploy robotics process automation to your everyday processes.

  • Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • How can Visaya KPO apply Robotics Process Automation in your organization?

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