VisayaKPO Finds Success with Interactive Intelligence

Apr 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

New Services Offered and Greater Savings with All-in-One IP Communications Software Suite

About VisayaKPO

Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing Corporation is established to cater to the business process and contact centre needs of small and medium-sized companies. VisayaKPO supports their customers with inbound and outbound services billed by the hour to allow for the clearly defined cost controls that small companies need.

The Challenge

In the first two years it had been in operation, VisayaKPO used a hosted contact centre solution provided by Five9, Inc. Initially, opting for a hosted solution made sound business sense as this growing company did not yet have the volume of calls to justify a premise-based solution. The limited-features solution they leased worked fine for small contact centres with simple calling needs. “By 2008, our name made its mark and VisayaKPO started experiencing rapid growth. We added several new accounts to our portfolio and it soon became apparent that the money we were spending on our hosted solution could, in a few months, pay for a premise-based solution, which would also give us flexibility in how we serve our clients,” Cesar E. Valenzuela, President of VisayaKPO said. “With this realization, we began looking for a call centre solution that would meet our needs of simplified management, ease of use and flexible operations, such as creation and execution of new campaigns.” VisayaKPO considered offerings from traditional switch manufacturers like Avaya, Cisco and the all-in-one, IP-based contact centre suite offered by Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

The Solution

In November 2008, VisayaKPO chose to deploy the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center®, the all-in-one IP-based contact centre automation software suite, to handle both inbound and outbound contact centre requirements. VisayaKPO’s customers from the US and Europe had very high expectations and needed a platform that was able to handle dynamic campaign changes and dial plans while at the same time able to scale easily to handle growth. Customers also required the company to handle blended calls, which CIC supports. VisayaKPO added Interaction Recorder® to CIC to handle all their call recordings and with it, the company is ready to implement screen recording whenever their customers need it. Furthermore, with CIC, VisayaKPO can perform much of the system administration and changes to dial plans and outbound campaigns for their customers on the fly thanks to the extensive user training provided to them by Nexus Technologies, the IT systems integrator on this project and a long-standing partner of Interactive Intelligence in the Philippines. “Using CIC’s Interaction Designer®, we are able to roll our new campaigns for our customers in just a matter of days, and we can track the effectiveness of all these campaigns, regardless of the type of media used, through CIC’s single interface,” Valenzuela said. “This has allowed us to significantly advance the breadth and depth of services we can deliver to our customers and this is creating new revenue opportunities for us.” By using CIC’s skills-based, multimedia routing and queuing features, VisayaKPO is able to automatically direct calls to the agents best able to handle them. Through this efficient use of resources, and using CIC’s other automated management and reporting features, the company is able to provide higher levels of customer service than before. “Shifting from a hosted solution to a premise-based one was a decision we made based on financial prudence and we wanted a solution that supported that core rationale,” Valenzuela said. “CIC’s all-in, IP-based solution is able to operate using standard off-the-shelf servers while the centralized administration on a single interface keeps maintenance costs down. This reduces the complexity of the system and improves reliability. Together, these factors keep down the overall cost of implementing and operating CIC.” CIC’s native support for several leading CRM applications and solutions from companies like, SAP, Remedy and many more allow VisayaKPO to integrate their call centre services with their customers’ CRM platforms to improve the level of service they are able to deliver. Additionally, CIC’s easy-to-use single desktop interface has reduced the number of hours training agents need from days to mere hours to effectively perform their work. This has contributed positively towards employee morale, job satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. Following VisayaKPO’s decision to use CIC, Nexus Technologies was able to implement the solution within just four weeks and provided the company with an initial deployment of 45 outbound and 25 inbound seats. Nexus trained everyone at VisayaKPO—from ICT professionals, to managers and agents, on how to make optimal use of CIC. By January 2009, VisayaKPO had successfully moved all its seats from the hosted solution to CIC. Nexus continues to provide VisayaKPO with 2nd level maintenance.

The Benefits

“The deployment of CIC has met our goal to spend less than we would have on a hosted solution. For a young company in these challenging times it is critical that we manage costs and Interactive Intelligence has given us a winning solution that comprehensively addresses this need”, Valenzuela said. VisayaKPO has further found that through CIC the company can provide their customers with customized solutions that deliver exactly what the customer wants, whereas before there were the constraints and inflexibility inherent in the hosted solution to reckon with. CIC’s automated outing, supervisory alerts and other management features allow the company to manage calls more effectively. This has a direct impact on sales and customer satisfaction as wait time was reduced from minutes to seconds. VisayaKPO further found that the “single-box” architecture of CIC required significantly less maintenance than competing “multi-box” solutions and it allowed them to reduce the number of personnel that had to be assigned to perform maintenance and deliver support. With fewer individual components, CIC has proven to be an extremely reliable, high availability solution. By using CIC as a premise-based solution, VisayaKPO has also improved the level of confidentiality it offers its customers since its clients’ information always remains within the company’s direct control. VisayaKPO is most satisfied that CIC: 1. Is highly flexible and able to handle changes to customers requirements 2. Is highly adaptable and easy to use with its single point of administration, reporting and GUI-based Development Tool 3. Is highly scalable as it is software-based so adding seats is easy and the company can add new functionality like multimedia queues, eFAQ®, quality monitoring and even WFM without having to add new hardware or cope with difficult software integration. These advantages are realized because CIC is one of the most complete contact centre solutions available today from a single vendor. “We are very pleased and satisfied with Interactive Intelligence’s solution and are in the process of adding more seats that will run on CIC,” Valenzuela said. “We are presently working on a second site for our call centre and this, too, will run on CIC.”

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