Healthcare information management outsourcing is becoming a lucrative business in the Philippines. In 2015, the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) lauded the BPO industry and various players engaged in healthcare information management outsourcing.

A few healthcare outsourcing services that the Philippine BPO industry offers are Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Claims Processing, Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Transcription.

Key benefits that international companies can get from engaging in the healthcare outsourcing industry in the Philippines are increased profitability, access to skilled workforce, reduced staff acquisition and training costs; administrative overheads and expanded practice offerings.

Here are other reasons why healthcare financial professionals should consider outsourcing:

Improve Your Cash Flow

You need a strong outsourcing partner who can help you face the challenges posed by the healthcare industry. At Visaya HIM, our revenue cycle management solutions deliver significant business impact on two critical business outcomes—increased cash flows and reduced costs—with less headache on your part, enabling your operation and your staff to focus on what’s really important – provide superior care to your patients.

Guarantee Accuracy and Timeliness

The trend toward remote coding is accelerating as the benefits of such operations become more visible in the market. Providers of health care are learning that they can eliminate staffing shortages, employee turnover and the ever increasing expenses of recruiting coders by outsourcing the work. Visaya HIM can offer you outsourced coding through secure web-based processes or the utilization of paperless facsimile communication for your medical entity. We will handle your coding needs and we can guarantee efficiency, effectiveness, promptness and accuracy.

High Security, HIPAA Compliant

We work with provider offices to comply with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in their HEDIS process. Our staff of registered nurses and other medical practitioners are well-trained in the HEDIS Abstraction process. Visaya HIM also has extensive experience in the medical records retrieval process working for payers, national and regional alike. We are a HIPAA compliant organization, audited annually with very strict compliance adherence to ensure the security of medical records.