A healthy gift guide for the busy call center agent



The holiday season is here and the smell of Christmas air clings as early as now.

But with the holidays come the rush of parties, shopping and, of course, the perennial traffic. This is especially difficult for people who work longer hours or are on night shifts. For instance, for BPO professionals, the struggle of Christmas is very real.

These workers, like most professionals, work very hard to provide for their families. More so during this season when putting on a feast is something to look forward to in spite of how tiring or expensive it is.

These are busy months ahead so wouldn’t it be less stressful if we already have an idea of what presents to buy for them, to show our love?

If you are one of these hard-working employees, or have a friend or sibling who is, we prepared this gift guide on the most useful gifts you can give:

1. Healthy snacks like energy bars and baked chips that will keep their well-being in check.These are easy to find in health stores all over Metro Manila. It can be easily stored in their lockers or drawers, and will really help in satiating cravings. There is no better way to show your love than with food.

2. Great smelling massage oils help take the stress out after a long day (or night) at work.Pick out their favorite scent and they will always remember you before they go into a deep slumber.

3. A colorful scarf. Forget the usual shirts or blouses for Christmas! For the “fasyown” call center agent, this is the perfect piece! Versatile as an accessory when outdoors and as cover up during cold, late nights in the office, avoiding inevitable sickness caused by the temperature. Double win!

4. Soothing microwaveable pillows. For instant relief, anytime, anywhere. Their pantry for sure has an available microwave, so all they need to do is pop it in and once warm, aid on the neck, arms and back.

5. An effective gargle like Bactidol for throat relief. This will help maintain their voices, and stops sore throats from worsening into a cough, cold or even the flu. Who wants to be sick during Christmas?

This is a short guide that should help you level up your gift-giving with simple and practical choices. It is Christmas, after all, so it would be great to make them feel how special they are especially since they have made us feel so special the entire year that went by.

Happy shopping!


Article Source: WATCH: A healthy gift guide for the busy call center agent