Highlighting ‘Care’ in Customer Care

Taking care of your customers isn’t just making sure your customer complaints are addressed. It is about creating a strongly positive experience that your customer will take away with them, and share with others. This is usually thought of in terms of customer service and customer care.

Customer service includes company policies covering how your employees interact with your customers. This includes practical needs, like how to provide assistance or how to address concerns. Quality customer service lets customers feel that they are valued and treated fairly by your company.

Customer care takes on a more qualitative dimension – it is about creating connections with your customers through their experiences before, during, and after making a purchase. It focuses on the personal interactions between your employee and customer, within the touchpoints wherein a customer may form strong opinions about your business depending on whether the experience is positive or negative.

Both customer service and customer care are essential to letting your customer feel that your business is worth returning to, and recommending to others.


Good vs Better

Whether your company provides mediocre or excellent customer service has a direct impact on your bottom line.

80% of customers say their experience with the company is as important as the products and services it offers. Another report adds that 84% of businesses that invest in customer service see a rise in revenue as a result.

There is a world of difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ customer service. For instance, good customer service is about providing a standard spiel to all customers. Great customer service is giving an individual customer a personalized greeting. Good customer service is letting a buyer know you’re working on their problem. Great customer service is outlining for them exactly what you will be doing. When it comes to taking feedback, good customer service is providing a templated form for customers to fill up. Great customer service is engaging with them in a conversation about their experiences.

Excellent service is about going above and beyond the expectations a customer may have. This makes all the difference when it comes to retaining customers.

It is more cost effective to take care of the customer base that has grown up around your business compared to reaching out for new customers. In addition, loyal customers spend about 67% more on your brand.

Having a good experience with a company also makes one more likely to recommend it to others. 77% of customers are likely to tell others about their positive brand experience. Word of mouth has always been a great way to let people know about your service or product, but this is further amplified by fast, efficient, and far-reaching communications abilities, and public online platforms including social media.


The Customer Experience Online

Great customer service and customer care is essential given the fast-paced environmental changes surrounding today’s customer experiences.

We live in a world where e-commerce can be accessed everywhere. A potential buyer might make a purchase over social media, a live streaming platform, or shopping website. Inquiries, follow-ups, complaints, or compliments may come through Facebook, Instagram, your storefront page, official e-mail, or Twitter. Great customer service has inevitably come to include being able to provide omnichannel support, or seamless support across all channels, to ensure that customers have a pleasant experience regardless of how your business is accessed.

With the rise of video technology, reaching out to your customers can now be done more effectively through the medium, as well as more immersive technologies like AR and VR. Part of the customer experience is now expecting, for instance, that they can access how-to videos or video tutorials as opposed to just listed instructions. Customer care may include providing regular webinars or streaming sessions to answer questions.

Customers also now have an unprecedented number of options when it comes to how they seek support. In addition to traditional and digital channels, they may go to your website and rely on an AI-driven chatbot to take their queries. On the other hand, they may choose to troubleshoot on their own, with the help of an online knowledge base. In these cases, part of customer care includes developing the most helpful chatbot, and compiling and managing an easily useable knowledge base.


Caring for the Customer

Whether online or offline, customer care is still seated in helping the customer feel that they are cared for.

This is why an essential aspect in building your customer service and customer care capacities is reminding your service agents that they are interacting with another human being with the need to be acknowledged and listened to.

In training your representatives, it is important to highlight communication skills, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking. Your customer service protocols must empower them to go “off-script” if the need comes to it, especially when the customer’s concerns are unusual, or the assistance they’re seeking is outside the usual tree of questions and responses that might be drilled into an employee. Although our agents may depart from the script, they still interact with the customer following quality protocols and guidelines agreed upon with the brand they are representing.

Here at Visaya, excellent customer service and customer care are at the heart of what we do. As a Philippine-based company, we don’t just take the Filipino sense of hospitality as a bonus feature, we lean into it. We foster the skills to actively listen to and empathize with the customer, making customer satisfaction our primary goal.

As a service provider, we recognize the need to create delightful customer experiences as a means of directly supporting your business. We aim not just to address customer concerns, but to truly put ‘care’ in ‘customer care’.

Contact Visaya today at sales@visayakpo.com.


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