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What Is Computer Telephony Integration?

 Happy customers will return to your company. Along with that, they tend to tell others about their delighted experiences. If you own a small or large business, you want to improve your clients’ experiences and meet all of their needs


One way to do that is by using computer telephony integration (CTI). If you are wondering about these benefits, keep reading to learn about these new ways to integrate your business


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What Is Computer Telephony Integration?

Computer telephony integration is also known as CTI. It is a type of technology that blends the use of computers and telephones. With these systems, users can make outbound calls with the help of call telephony software. With that, users can receive incoming calls and complete these other telephone tasks from the convenience of a user’s mobile device, desktop, or laptop


For those businesses, CTI allows them to use a single interface for all types of communications. This system also will enable devices like computers, mobile phones, faxes, and computers to communicate with each other


CTI relies heavily on VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology. In fact, that tech is vital in the CTI telephony process. With VoIP, media and voice can travel across the internet. When you combine CTI and VoIP, your business can take advantage of new functions and capabilities, especially for those employees in a CTI call center. In turn, this technology will provide your customers with an enhanced experience


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Once you have all these systems in place, you can then add in any call center software. You might want to think about a cloud-based phone system for a better workflow in your business. Remember, your call center will be more efficient when the software can handle all those large volumes of calls. 


When you integrate these systems, make sure they are compatible with your cloud phone system. From the convenience of a mobile device or desktop, your employees can click-to-dial phone numbers.


 In addition to that, the support software can even bring up any pertinent information related to the customer. This information is beneficial for those employees in sales or support. All that data is at your employees’ fingertips, and there is no need to log out of one program to check on the other. 


Benefits of a Computer Telephony Integration

Many companies use this technology for their call centers. With call telephony, this technology can help you interpret data and enhance your clients’ experiences with your company. Here are a few ways that computer telephony integration can be a significant benefit for your company. 

Queue Callback

With the automatic callback features, your customers can avoid those long waits on the phone. Instead, they can opt-in for a call back from an employee. This convenience is excellent for those customers who don’t want to tie up their day on the phone. 


Interactive Voice Response

With IVR, your customers can make their selection from an automatic voice menu, allowing the call to be routed to a support or sales agent. This feature cuts down on misplaced calls and time-causing transfers

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Remote Working Capability

Remote work is gaining in popularity. Computer telephony can allow your employees to work from home or other remote locations in a virtual call center


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With just one click, your support and sales agents can call customers from the convenience of a mobile phone or desktop. There is no need to manually dial the number. 


Sales and Support Integrations

Cloud calling software works almost seamlessly with CTI, and you can use this technology to create custom workflows for your teams. 



This type of voice calling software allows you to add or remove users from the platform. You can quickly scale your call center team to match the business’s call volume. 


Cost Reduction

When compared to those traditional phone systems, CTI is far less expensive to install and maintain. Most of the software programs are subscription-based, which is perfect for those wanting to control their costs. 


Call Center Monitoring

Your call center team can easily manage the system by checking on how many calls are in the queue. All your calls can be logged, recorded, and preserved for a set amount of time. The software will also collect the customer’s support tickets, chat transcripts, and other vital details


Call Center Analytics

CTI can track your team’s performance for a specific timeframe, including the number of dropped calls, waiting time, missed calls, and other details to help with their efficiency. 


Gauge Customer Satisfaction

Finally, CTI is an important element in customer satisfaction. You can receive feedback from customers that can help your team members make quick decisions. 


With all these tools, you can boost the productivity of your call center team, enhance the collaboration between support and sales, and improve your customers’ experiences


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Identifying Your Computer Telephony Integration Needs 

Before you add call center software, you need to determine the needs for your business, especially those in the sales, support, operations, and IT departments. The next step is to examine your current cloud-based phone system. If there are any gaps, you will want to address those problem spots


In many cases, you can try out different software options. Many subscription-based programs allow you to try them for a short time. If you are not satisfied, you can always cancel the subscription. Keep in mind that technology is constantly changing, so you will have plenty of opportunities to integrate new CTI tech into your business plans. 


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