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Sourcing and Talent Acquisition Assistant Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage end to end recruitment process from advertising, selection, offer, negotiation, closing and administrative components involved in full-lifecycle recruiting
  • Proactive talent searches and building out comprehensive talent pools to source the industry’s best
  • Utilise various tools and resources to effectively evaluate talent in a variety of methods in order to ensure that the company is selecting highly qualified and engaged professionals to join the organisation
  • Manage a consistent, high volume flow of qualified candidates through active and passive recruitment methods
  • Partnering with the business to understand recruiting demands and requirements in order to assess the candidate quality, skills and fit for a position
  • Responsible for reviewing performance of existing sourcing channels to provide guidance/ expertise on sourcing channels appropriate to the hiring manager’s requirements
  • Recommend and communicate recruiting strategies, including sourcing and acquisition strategies, recruiting tools and processes, talent mapping and systems
  • Ensure all paper work is received and completed as accordance to policy
  • Participate in recruiting events and sourcing activities if required


  • Minimum 4 years of full cycle recruiting experience; blended corporate and agency experiences preferred
  • Must have experience in handling healthcare and niche profiles
  • Ability to consult and comprehend recruitment needs from hiring managers and conduct effective talent search practices
  • Deliver high quality candidates and effective management of recruitment processes
  • Recruiting experience with direct sourcing skills, market mapping, head hunting and a proven track record of success.
  • Must be willing to work onsite in Ortigas.

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