Technical Trainer

Apr 28, 2020 | Dumaguete

Job Summary

Responsible for developing and implementing programs that align workforce with VKPO’s key business strategies and initiatives.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create and implement programs at work that connect employeeswith the VKPO business goals.
  • Identify and evaluate development initiatives to ascertain appropriate programs that meet company goals.
  • Implement organizational effectiveness interventions.
  • Coordinate with the OD (Organizational Development) Officer in developing team-building exercises and workshops.
  • Talk with management to identify specific work situations requiring employees to better understand changes in policies, procedures, regulations, and technologies.
  • Implement methods of measuring if performance management aligns with organizational goals.
  • Diagnose potential organizational problem areas.
  • Recommend training and development systems.
  • Other duties as assigned by OD Officer and/or the TOD (Training and Organizational) Manager.

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