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We provide managed F&A solutions for companies looking to improve the quality, efficiency and cost structure of their financial operations. Our F&A programs can be customized into a neat business package that meets your specific needs. By combining high-level financial advisory experience and enabled technology with global back-office and integrated applications, Visaya KPO’s solutions provide our clients with improved visibility into their financial operations and greater scalability at a lower cost point.


Maximize Your Company’s Efficiency

Without an up-to-date and precise general ledger, it can be a challenge to prepare accurate income statements, trial balances or balance sheets. The efficient maintenance of a general ledger requires time, effort and expert accountants. If your business is short on time or resources, you can opt to outsource and leverage the benefits of a ledger that is clear, consistent and systematic. Visaya KPO lets you save on time, effort and cost which can instead be channelled into your business’ critical functions.

Asset and Transactional Processing

Master Data Maintenance

Fixed Asset Management

Financial Research

Account Reconciliation and Analysis

Streamline Business Workflow

As your business grows, the lack of a robust, end-to-end sourcing, procurement and accounts payable solution can result in several challenges such as increasing costs, high error rates, inefficiency, and risk of non-compliance. You need a solution that can help you achieve your long-term strategic and financial goals in order to remain competitive. We provide solutions that are designed to simplify and optimize your transaction processing activities through process consolidation, automation and standardization.

We can leverage your leading technology and industry’s best practices to help you reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and increase visibility. The benefits offered by outsourcing can transform your business by providing a flexible, scalable delivery model that helps accelerate your return on investment and establishes a foundation for long-term growth. Let our team increase your profitability by taking your sourcing, procurement and accounts payable management processes off your plate.

Resource Planning and Strategic Sourcing

Supply Chain Management

Material Scheduling

Procurement and Order Placement

Vendor Statement Reconciliation

Customer Retention

Accounts Payable Transactional Processing

Financial Research

Keep Your Income Coming

The time and resources needed to manage the recording and collection of revenue, is a critical aspect of any business and ensuring its profitability. You need a partner you can rely on to help you improve cash flow by enhancing your processes and multiplying your work output at a low cost.

Visaya KPO can work with you to develop a customized solution for better control of your receivables, applying well-defined collection policies and procedures across your revenue stream, and improve access to working capital. You set the targets and define the goals; we will meet your expectations.

Sales Order Entry

Order Management and Billing

Customer Order Inquiries

Collections and Invoice Processing

Order-to-Cash Analytics

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Returns Management

Business Inquiries

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