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Finance and Accounting

The general accounting principles in the Philippines is based on US standards. Accounting is a labor intensive process and most companies do not consider accounting as a core competence. We provide accounting services from bookkeeping to financial analysis in various industries. We can handle your procurement process, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales order entry, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, cash statements and general ledger functions. Our experienced finance and accounting personnel range from experienced bookkeepers to highly skilled Certified Public Accountants.

  • ESort, Store and Summarize Transactions
  • 9General Ledger and Balance Sheet preparation
  • 9Improving your Company's financial health
  • 9Financial Risk Management and Mitigation
  • EProcurement to Payment
  • 9Procurement Process
  • 9Supply Chain Management
  • 9Accounts Payable Process
  • EOrder to Cash
  • 9Sales Order Taking and Entry
  • 9Accounts Receivable Management
  • 9Collections

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