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In today’s world, information is power. Getting to that information is most of the time, hard to get at. An organization’s data could be stored in multiple silos that are not joined together to provide the proper information for managers to make decisions on. Decisions need to be made quickly with the right information preferably through a self-service manner that does not require interventions from programmers or data analysts.

  • EWhat is a Knowledge Base?
  • BTraditionally, a knowledge base is a repository of an organization’s data. With the advent of the internet, a knowledge base could extend beyond an organization’s internal data to formulate a decision.
  • EWhy is Knowledge Base important for your organization?
  • 9A knowledge base plays a vital role for managers to make decisions from. When data is scattered throughout the organization and beyond, it would require a lot of research and data gathering to come up with the right information.
  • EHow does Visaya provide value to your organization?
  • 9At Visaya, we can provide you with the experienced and skilled consultants and data analysts to help you with the creation and management of your knowledge base.

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