Healthcare Information Management

Outreach and Records Retrieval

  • EMedical Records Retrieval
  • EVisaya has achieved high medical record retrieval rates through its technology-enabled contact center with the least amount of inconvenience to the physician’s office. We have managed an annual chase exceeding three million medical records. Our Outreach Consultants have an extensive experience and knowledge of the retrieval process. We have the ability to scale with your needs and meet your provider requirements. We are able to assist you in any of these retrieval options like onsite retrieval, fax, mail, secure drop box, remote EMR, and secure FTP.

Chronic Care Management

We at Visaya, can help your organization with a comprehensive approach to patient care through care coordination…

Revenue Cycle Management

You need is a strong outsourcing partner who can help you face the challenges posed by the healthcare industry. Visaya…


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