Balancing the New Normal and Business Success

Being adaptable with business operations and strategy execution is the new competitive advantage point. More than ever, workforce flexibility, strategy versatility, and a holistic business continuity operations, are critical for organizations to thrive – or simply just survive – in today’s global situation. This holds true for any oncoming catastrophe. At Visaya, we aim to be an extension of your company to support your requirements while providing you with cost-efficient solutions. Allow your people to focus on mission-critical activities instead while we help you increase your revenue and amplify your cash flow.

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CEO’s Word of Thanks to the Visaya Family

“In this challenging time, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your cooperation, commitment, and loyalty to Visaya. I salute, admire and have the utmost gratitude for your dedication. Please observe our Core Values at all times. We will all get through this. Our deep appreciation from the Executive Committee to everyone! Let us Thrive Together in this challenging time. Thank you all!”

Visaya has over 14 years of experience running mortgage projects. Our expertise include: Agency Experience in FNMA and FHLMC, Jumbo Loans, Non-QM Loans including bank statement programs, foreign income loans, DSCR programs, asset depletion, and others.

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For a medical practice to be successful, healthcare providers must ensure that they implement an effective and accurate billing process by establishing core accounting and collection protocols.

Contact Center Delivery

Aim for brand loyalty and high levels of customer service while intensifying growth and revenue

Healthcare Information Management

Integrate cost-efficient, technology-forward solutions to your existing business strategy, to achieve greater performance

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Streamline your business workflow to keep that income coming

IT Consulting

We help you gain comparative edge by harnessing the power of information in data and business process

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We draw deeply from the Filipino sensibility of ‘malasakit’, or caring for others.

We live this out in every project and engagement, ensuring that every customer experiences the courtesy and professionalism Filipinos have become known for worldwide


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