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Empowering Patient Engagement and Health Improvement

Chronic illnesses significantly impact healthcare in the United States, leading to rising Medicare costs without a corresponding improvement in the quality of care. To address this challenge, Visaya KPO embraces value-based care models, including the Oncology Care Model (OCM) and others, which cater to a range of chronic conditions beyond oncology. 

Our approach focuses on comprehensive patient care coordination, ensuring improved access to medical services, reducing the frequency of emergency room visits, facilitating advanced care planning, and providing vital psychosocial support. By adopting these strategies, we aim to substantially enhance the quality of care for various chronic illnesses, achieving better health outcomes while effectively managing Medicare costs.

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Our Chronic Care Management Solution Features

User-Friendly Platform for Effective Chronic Care Management

Oncology Care Management

We provide a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to managing cancer care, utilizing evidence-based strategies to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Cardiovascular Care Management

Our service focuses on delivering superior care for heart patients, using a tailored approach that monitors health and manages cardiovascular conditions effectively.

Diabetes Care Management

Our specialized service helps individuals manage their diabetes effectively, offering personalized plans that promote healthier lifestyles and prevent potential complications.

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Benefits of CCM Programs

Closing Care Gaps and Boosting Quality Scores

Improved Health Outcomes

By providing consistent monitoring and management, our services enhance the overall health outcomes for patients with chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Cost Efficiency

Our services aim to reduce healthcare costs by preventing complications, reducing hospital readmissions, and effectively managing chronic conditions.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

With a patient-centered approach, we ensure high levels of patient satisfaction through continuous engagement, effective communication, and comprehensive care.

Access to Specialist Knowledge

Our services provide access to specialized knowledge and expertise in managing chronic conditions, ensuring the best possible care for patients.

Why Choose Us for your Chronic Care Management Needs?

Personalized, Evidence-Based Approach for Convenient Chronic Care

At VISAYA KPO, we have a deep understanding of chronic care management, offering solutions that are backed by years of experience and knowledge.

From monitoring health to managing medications, our solution offers a comprehensive range of services to manage chronic conditions effectively.

Our solution is tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring the delivery of personalized and effective care.

Our chronic care management solution is designed to reduce healthcare costs by minimizing hospital readmissions and preventing complications.

At VISAYA KPO, we prioritize patient satisfaction, making sure that our services meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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Answering FAQs About Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management programs are healthcare strategies aimed at improving the health of individuals with long-term, persistent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic ailments.

The steps in chronic care management usually include patient identification and enrollment, creating personalized care plans, coordinating care across multiple providers, regular health monitoring, adjusting care plans as needed, and patient education and engagement.

The goal of chronic care management is to enhance patients’ quality of life by managing symptoms, preventing complications, and promoting healthier outcomes through coordinated and continuous healthcare intervention.

Value-based care is a healthcare delivery model where providers are compensated based on patient health outcomes, emphasizing quality over quantity of services.

In fee-for-service, providers are paid for each service performed, potentially leading to unnecessary treatments. Value-based care, in contrast, aligns payments with patient health outcomes, prioritizing effective and efficient care.

Our care models include comprehensive chronic care management, focusing on patient-centered approaches like the Oncology Care Model (OCM), and tailored programs for various chronic conditions, emphasizing coordinated, quality care.

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