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Jr. Helpdesk Support


Provide 1st Technical support, service restoration, fulfillment of service requests, and advice to users ensuring the maximum availability, performance and utilization of knowledge and information systems.
Follow a systematic, disciplined, anlytical approach to problem solving meet set standards and agreed procedures. Executes transactions as per prescribed timelines.


At least 1- 2 years of work experience in IT Service Desk/ Tech Support process providing support for Laptops/Desktops/LAN issues
Experience of working wthin a busy IT Service Desk environment, showing experience of systems, support, diagnostic and resolution.
Intermediate knowledge of T/S Small Forms (iOS, Android, Windows)
Knowledgeable in Desktop Troubleshooting, Networking, Hardware/Software
Knowledge of Software, antivirus and peripherals installations
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Must be willing to work in Dumaguete

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