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Payroll Specialist


  • Processes payroll monthly including wage and overtime payments,
  • calculations and recording of payroll deductions, and requests for
  • paycheck advances.
  • Verifies timekeeping records, maintains time and attendance records
  • using paper timesheets and/or electronic time management system.
  • Reviews payroll before finalizing to ensure accuracy.
  • Prepares and transfers payroll checks.
  • Prepares and transmits direct deposits.


  • At least two years of experience in payroll
  • Knowledgeable in mandatory deductions and its due date
  • Can handle 100 or more employee
  • Knowledgeable in basic accounting and must be an accounting graduate
  • Knowledge in Alphalist preparation and BIR 2316
  • Proficient in excel spreadsheet
  • Must be willing to work onsite

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