Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing Corporation is proud to receive this year’s PHILIPPINES BEST EMPLOYER BRAND AWARD, in recognition of the company’s work in effectively attracting, retaining, and developing talent. This is VISAYA’s second year receiving this honor.

Receiving the award was VISAYA’s CEO, Mr. Butch Valenzuela, during the virtual award ceremony on October 7, 2021.

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VISAYA recognizes its employees as an integral pillar of its operations, collaborating with them to create a culture of trust, stemming from family-oriented values. It takes pride in offering above industry average basic pay, and leadership programs to encourage talent, fostering a workforce with a high level of employee satisfaction.

At VISAYA, we realize that our strategic asset is our people. This is where our investment is and will continue to be.

Visaya started in 2007 with a handful of employees who dedicated themselves to exemplary and cost-efficient service delivery. As part of the organization’s thrust to promote the value of the Filipino employee, it has since established multiple offices around the Philippines, servicing clients around North America, Europe, Australia and the Asia-Pacific.
best employer brand award

The PHILIPPINES BEST EMPLOYER BRAND AWARDS 2021 is held by the Employer Branding Institute, a global network of senior HR leaders across 36 countries, who forward the sharing of best HR practices and contribute to the development of Talent Management, Talent Development, and Talent Innovation. Initiatives of the Employer Branding Institute & the World HRD Congress are for creating a better workplace for the future.

Congratulations, Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing Corporation!

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