Healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) is a strategy where healthcare companies outsource their business operations. The primary benefit of healthcare BPO is to allow healthcare companies to allocate more resources toward patient care

With an increased demand for public health services, BPO can help make the entire healthcare sector more customer and patient-centric. 

Some key operations companies outsource to vendors are information technology (IT), staff training, human resources, and accounting

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Doctor using healthcare software on computer
Doctors using healthcare software on a computer

Different Healthcare Outsourcing Services

There’s a wide variety of BPO services for healthcare. Many services are related to finance and technology, but there are numerous tasks healthcare providers can outsource to vendors.

Some of the top outsourced healthcare services are:

Data Processing

Hospitals handle a lot of patient data. Doing so can drain their staff of time and energy so outsourcing data processing can help a medical center focus more on quality of care. 

Some essential data hospitals need to manage to include:

  • Insurance information
  • Lab results
  • Prescriptions
  • Medicine inventory

Outsourcing these data entry tasks allows healthcare providers to focus more on their core medical activities. Furthermore, outsourcing data processing is one of the easiest and safest BPO services

Handling Insurance Claims

Managing insurance claims is a vital task in the healthcare sector. When a patient receives medical treatment, they need clear claims to give to their insurance provider. 

That said, some hospitals need to process hundreds of claims every day. As a result, some healthcare providers have trouble maintaining accuracy and efficiency when handling insurance information. 

Hospitals can save time and protect the integrity of their services by outsourcing the claims processing to a third-party vendor. Not only will this save the hospital’s resources, but it will also ensure that all claims are accurate. 

Billing and Medical Coding

Medical centers process several payments daily. Recording and coding all these payments can be daunting and time-consuming for staff. What’s more, medical coding and billing are far more complicated than most other industries

As a result, hospitals often find themselves too caught up with processing payments and can’t focus on their core activities. They need to train staff effectively to process payments accurately and promptly.

Here’s where outsourcing can come in handy. Reliable healthcare BPO services have all the resources and skills to assist hospitals with medical coding and billing tasks. With the right vendor, healthcare providers can focus more on the things that matter. 

Nurse starting work close up photo
Nurse starting work close up photo

Why Medical BPO Services are Important

The primary focus for healthcare providers is taking care of patients, and medical staff needs to direct as much attention towards the quality of care as possible. However, hospitals are businesses and require a vast array of administrative tasks to operate smoothly.

As a result, it’s critical that healthcare centers can find a balance between managing non-medical and business-related duties. 

Here are some of the top benefits of hospitals partnering with healthcare BPO companies:

Reduced Expenses

Outsourcing is a more cost-effective way to run a healthcare center. When hospitals outsource their services, they reduce the costs of hiring and training new employees. 

Various healthcare BPO companies can provide affordable outsourcing solutions for hospitals and clinics. What’s more, not hiring and training internal staff also takes the weight off of current hospital employees. 

More Focus on Quality Patient Care

Perhaps the most crucial benefit of healthcare outsourcing is allowing hospitals to focus on providing a better service for their patients

When staff doesn’t have to handle tedious tasks like accounting, managing insurance claims, billings, and data processing, they can deliver a more patient-centric experience. With the right BPO partner, a hospital can help as many people as possible without overwhelming its workers.

More Versatile Workforce

When hospitals start outsourcing, they get access to a wide range of professionals, and BPO teams are highly trained to handle the services they offer. 

While it’s easy to find qualified BPO services for medical centers, hospitals must screen each agency to find the best one for their unique situation.

What To Look For When Choosing Outsourced Healthcare Services

Compliant with HIPAA

Any healthcare provider that wants to work with a BPO company needs to ensure that the company is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The reason being is that these companies handle a lot of sensitive data about patients. 

The HIPAA monitors how BPO companies manage patient data to ensure everyone’s privacy is well-protected. Companies that violate HIPAA laws can face severe charges and fines upwards of $50,000

Furthermore, the HIPAA ensures that any compliant BPO service has robust security protocols to keep all sensitive information safe. 

Experience in the Healthcare Sector

A medical provider should only partner with a BPO company that has extensive experience in the healthcare industry

While numerous companies offer outsourcing services, healthcare BPO vendors need thorough training in the medical sector to be successful. 

A hospital should have a substantial vetting process when choosing an agency and treat it as hiring in-house employees. They should also check results to see if the BPO service has a track record of success in the field. 

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Nurse helping patient with medical forms
Nurse helping patient with medical forms


No doubt, healthcare BPO is a revolutionary practice that’s revolutionizing the industry. It’s giving hospitals more resources and patients access to better quality care. 

Moreover, partnering with a healthcare BPO ensures that all patient data is secure and there aren’t any leaks of sensitive information. 

As long as a healthcare provider partners with the right BPO company, they can rest assured that most of their administrative operations are handled by a team of competent professionals.