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New Office HQ Announcement: A Better Place to Work

Today, we’re thrilled to share the news that VISAYA is moving into a brand-new headquarters. This will be our new home, where we build and

Today, we’re thrilled to share the news that VISAYA is moving into a brand-new headquarters. This will be our new home, where we build and grow our team of brilliant minds and continue to impact businesses around the globe. With this exciting news, we would like to introduce you to the New VISAYA Office HQ Announcement blog post. Here, you will learn more about our new space and why it’s a better place for us to work.

A bit about our new office

As we mentioned, we’re moving to a new office. We’re excited to share that our new office will be located in Ortigas, a modern and dynamic metropolitan business area in Metro Manila. The Ortigas Central Business District in Pasig City is the National Capital Region’s second largest CBD, where towering skyscrapers of homegrown and large multinational companies fill the busy skyline. Conveniently located near hotels, malls, schools, healthcare centers and homey neighborhoods, Ortigas is the ideal place for work and entertainment.

Why a New Office HQ?

As VISAYA continues to grow, we’re excited to be able to expand our office to support our team. A big part of working at VISAYA is being able to foster a sense of community and a collaborative culture within our team. We’re excited to make our office environment a better place for our employees by increasing the amount of meeting rooms and open workspaces. As our team continues to grow, we need more space to house everyone.

What’s next for VISAYA?

As we expand our HQ, we’re also looking to upgrade our equipment. Although our current office is fully equipped with high-speed internet, smart boards, and video conferencing equipment, it’s time to upgrade to the latest and greatest! This will enable us to help businesses around the globe with video conferencing and online meetings. We’re also excited to apply some new interior design concepts to the new office. This will include a different colour scheme and new furniture. We’re especially excited about adding more natural light to the office. We think it will help increase productivity and create a better working environment for our team members.

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A better workplace with more natural light

We hope that the new office will provide a more efficient and effective working environment for our team. In particular, we hope to bring more natural light into the office by opening the windows and utilizing skylights and roof panels to let the sun shine through our new space. This will create a more pleasant environment for our employees and help increase their productivity. A bigger and brighter meeting room will also be a welcomed addition to our new office. This will allow us to facilitate more meetings and brainstorming sessions with more people than before. We hope this will help our team work more efficiently and effectively. The VISAYA canteen at the new office will be larger and more spacious than our current one. This will allow our VISAYA employees to work while grabbing a bite to eat and socialize with each other at the same time.

Bigger and brighter meeting rooms

We’re looking forward to adding more meeting rooms to our office, which will be a great addition to our growing business. Having more meeting rooms will allow us to simultaneously host more client meetings, facilitate conference calls with small or large teams, and hold group assemblies to share innovative ideas. This will also give our teams more privacy and help create a more effective and productive environment.

VISAYA’s favorite feature: The canteen and recreational area

The VISAYA community members were very eager to share their favourite feature of the new office. Workplace amenities are important to any employee and can make or break a job offer. The VISAYA team can’t wait to enjoy the amenities that our new office has to offer – Larger common areas, rest areas, and even a gaming area! The VISAYA team can’t wait to enjoy working in a modern and efficient office with better lighting and a new colour scheme. They can’t wait to enjoy the added natural light in the office and a more modern, streamlined look. They can’t wait to enjoy a better and larger canteen with more space and a fun new gaming area!

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A sneak peek of our New HQ

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new office. With that said, we wanted to share a sneak peek of our new office. We think it’s a better place to work and we hope you do too.

Entry way from the elevators

Entry way from the elevators

One of the administrative rooms

One of the administrative rooms

One section of the operations floor

One section of the operations floor

Canteen and break area

Canteen and break area

Canteen and break area-1

Canteen and break area

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