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7 Reasons To Have An Outsourced Healthcare Contact Center

One of the most critical industries throughout the world is the healthcare industry. Each day, skilled medical staff are in charge of taking care of

One of the most critical industries throughout the world is the healthcare industry. Each day, skilled medical staff are in charge of taking care of people and their well-being. These crucial staff members need just as much help in their positions to perform at their peak level. This is primarily why healthcare outsourcing exists.

Outsourcing is a strategy many other business organizations have used, and it has exploded in popularity in the healthcare industry across the globe. Typically you will use outsourcing companies to delegate administrative tasks, customer service jobs, outsource call centers, and medical billing to countries such as the Philippines and India.

Using a healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, your organization can experience benefits like lower costs and increased productivity of its staff.

Today, we will look at a few reasons why outsourcing your contact centers can benefit your organization.

So let’s get started!

When Is It Time To Outsource Your Contact Center?

when should I outsource healthcare call center

One of the biggest reasons for using a BPO to outsource your contact center activities (such as calls, live chat or email tasks) is to take some of the workload off of your staff so they can spend more time focusing on treating patients. Even though it may seem “ok” to allow hospital workers to answer phones, it’s not considered a viable hospital function.

Having a contact center is a portion of a hospital’s operation. Still, it can be much better if it’s done by telephone professionals who might know more about the ins and outs of handling emotional customers, for example.

But when do you know when to outsource your contact center? One of the most significant warning signs is when your customers either start complaining or they start giving your organization lower scores in the customer satisfaction area.

If you don’t have good call center management, it causes patients to have poor experiences with your company’s first point of contact. You only have one time to make an excellent first impression.

Another sign of whether or not it’s time to outsource your contact center is if you notice a higher-than-average turnover of your call staff. This could mean that your benefits aren’t good enough or that you’re not paying high wages.

If those contact center employees feel there is no room for advancement or their job feels like a dead-end job for them, they probably won’t stay. Outsourcing could be an excellent option for you instead of going through the time and effort of constantly recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff.

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7 Reasons to Have an Outsourced Healthcare Contact Center

benefits of outsourcing a healthcare call center

Improved Patient Care

Taking care of patients is the primary reason healthcare organizations exist. The care a patient receives depends significantly on the quality of service and information accuracy of the healthcare practice.

When live agents are available to patients, they can exhibit their skills and expertise in responding to any type of situation. This essential healthcare knowledge helps give patients confidence in knowing they are dealing with a reputable provider.

Ability to Handle Larger Volumes

When you use a call center solely committed to your organization, it helps handle significantly larger call, chat or email volumes at once while keeping call satisfaction to the highest level. Having staff trained to solve problems on the first contact is a great goal and will help lower the escalations submitted.

Ensure Compliance with Appropriate Legal, Regulatory, and Industry Standards

Patient confidentiality and personal information are essential, and all healthcare organizations must follow HIPPA regulations. HIPPA laws essentially guarantee that patients’ private data will only be shared between the patient and the doctors treating them. 

Outsourcing may seem like it doesn’t belong here, but it does. A trusted contact center has all of the necessary certifications to ensure the security of confidential information is upheld. If you still don’t feel comfortable giving call centers the freedom to discuss private information, you can outsource a contact center that only works on general tasks.

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Save Money While Scaling Your Organization

Outsourcing your contact center has benefits such as saving money and scaling your organization. Because offshore contact centers are likely to be more affordable than their U.S. counterparts, using them can help in reducing costs rather than using an in-house or onshore call center.

In addition, your technology costs will be reduced. This is because when you have an in-house contact center, you also need more expensive communication systems as well as customer management software to keep your patients organized. Outsourcing will eliminate these costs associated with technology.

Streamline Collection Process

Bill collection is not fun, but it’s a necessary job. A remote contact center can help make collections easier and more efficient to help improve productivity. You can try implementing a phone payment system so patients can pay over the phone as well. You can either do this by itself, or you can have it added to your contact center services.

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Minimize Mistakes

The healthcare industry is constantly working to improve the accuracy of the information that is delivered to patients. Having a trusted contact center that uses the latest technology to implement an efficient flow of information from healthcare organizations to patients can help to minimize mistakes.

Increased Customer Engagement

With the busy lives of hospital staff, it’s challenging to create high levels of customer engagement. By outsourcing your contact center, they can handle working with patients when they have concerns and getting them to engage more with your organization overall. This is also true for appointment setting and schedule management.


Using a healthcare BPO to outsource your contact center activities has many benefits and should be utilized if your organization feels it is losing the satisfaction of patients, needs to lower costs, provide better communication, and increase the overall efficiency of its operations.

For more information on how to outsource your healthcare contact center, visit our website today.

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